Hi, I’m Tessa,

I was born and raised in England, with a childhood filled with love, laughs, and a fantastic family. In my early teens I memorized all the US states in my ‘Children’s Atlas of the World,’ and after several childhood holidays in Florida made it my mission in life to move to the US. I don’t know how many people took me seriously when I said I would do this, and I’m not sure many understood why this was my goal. I know my Grandma didn’t really necessarily understand my obsession, and when I wrote this goal in my school leavers book I’m sure it sounded like a pipe dream. However, 6 years ago I did it. After 2 years in New Hampshire and 4 years in Massachusetts I am now officially a US resident, teach a class on the American Dream, and am working on getting my PhD in American Studies.

While I teach about the history of the American Dream, I also get to live it every day. This is what PhD and Pie Filling is all about, a blog dedicated to couponing, history, baking, crafting, barbershopping, touristing, and all the other facets that make up my daily journey through the Promised Land.




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