Damien Hirst Inspired Skulls

phdpfskulls3I have never really like skulls, they remind me of the scene in Snow White, when the skull appears in the poison apple. However, I had a plastic one kicking around the house, (as you do!). I was about to give it away when I realized I could probably improve it. Most improvements I do involve spray paint or glitter–in this case it was the latter. Last year I had a Pinterest-inspired obsession with glittered pumpkins, which lasted for most of the Fall. It eventually extended to glittered pinecones, leaves, and cake stands as well. Glittered skulls seemed the obvious next step. As glitter is the total antithesis of skulls, it appeared the perfect pairing. It was a very easy project, and so successful that I went to the dollar store and got another skull to make a second one. They look even better than in the photos; glitter, I have found, is almost impossible to photograph.

phdpfskulls2Tools needed:

  • Plastic skull (Mine is from Dollar Tree)
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter (The finer the better, the Recollections brand at Michaels works well)
  • Sponge Brush

How To:

  • Take the price tag off the bottom of the skull to ensure even glitter coating.
  • Cover the top of the skull in Mod Podge using a sponge brush. It is easier to work in sections as otherwise you get covered in glue. I did the top section first, then the mouth, sides, and finally the base.
  • Put the skull on a tray, newspaper, plate, etc. so that the glitter doesn’t spread everywhere, and pour glitter over the glue. Shake off the excess and leave it to dry. You can return any loose glitter to the container for later use.
  • Repeat the glue and glitter process until the entire skull is covered. Wait for it to dry. If, like me, you lift it up to soon you will get finger print marks, and have to redo that section.
  • Add more glue and glitter to any sections that need it.
  • Optional extra: bedazzle with gems and crystals for a real Hirst look. I was going to put large red crystals in the eye sockets but I thought I might have nightmares!

So now my glitter pumpkins have some company for Halloween. Eventually I would like to get a large glass cloche to display the skulls in, but as the dollar store doesn’t sell them it will be a while till I get one. All in all a very easy way to transform an ordinary $1 plastic skull in to a skull fit for a fashionista. Hirst and McQueen would be proud.


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