Kate Spade Inspired Frames


My very favorite type of craft project is one that doesn’t cost anything. This project is all made out of items I already had at home, and therefore could be completed without a dash to Michaels or Joanns.

My boyfriend recently moved into my apartment. Among the furniture he brought with him was a dresser, which we have sprayed white and put in the closet. This means that there was an empty dresser surface in the closet in need of attention. I love postcards, and probably single-handedly keep the postcard industry in business. In my large stash I knew I had some from an exhibition of Grace Kelly’s clothes, and some WW2 poster reproductions that would look fantastic in a clothes closet. The only problem was I didn’t have any suitable frames, but I did have some unsuitable ones in need of a project.

phdpfks2Tools needed:

  • Plain frames, (I had some 5 by 7 pink ones from Target’s dorm collection)
  • 1 inch Circle Punch (mine is by Recollections)
  • Martha Stewart bow punch
  • Primer
  • Assorted Spray Paint, (I used Rust-Oleum white, gold glitter, and pink)
  • Sealant (I used Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Top Coat)
  • Assorted paper scraps
  • Glue (I used E6000)
  • Pretty postcards or pictures for framing

This project was really easy, and perfectly transformed boring frames into something special. Like many other crafters, I am a little obsessed with gold and polka dots at the moment. I love Kate Spade, but not the prices, and so took inspiration from the brand to do a little DIY job.

After taking the glass out of the frames I sprayed them with Primer. I don’t know if this step was really necessary, but my frames were a dark pink plastic, and I didn’t want the color to show through. Once dry I then sprayed them with two coats of spray paint and left them to dry completely.

Once dried the real fun could begin. Using my punches, I punched bows and dots for my frames. I also cut some long strips so that I could make stripes. The gold paper was from an envelope I had from my grandparents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary over 10 years ago! How I still have it with me after all this time and moving across the Atlantic, I really don’t know. However, it just goes to show the benefits of hoarding! The envelope was actually perfect because it was thin. I don’t think heavy cardstock would well on this project as you wont get a smooth finish.

I experimented with where I wanted to put the embellishments on my frames, and when happy with how they looked, I glued them down. After everything had totally dried I sprayed the frames with top coat to  seal them. (I didn’t spray the glitter one as I didn’t think it needed it). Finally I put the glass back in and framed my postcards. And voila, beautiful frames! This was such an easy craft, but it has made the closet look so much prettier.



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